What are genetically modified organisms? Who produces them and why? What is the situation in Spain? What are the health effects of GMOs?






FISC (Fundación Internacional de Solidaridad Compañía de María, or International Solidarity Foundation of the Company of Mary Our Lady), a development NGO, will be holding a series of conferences in the Basque Country the first week of November to explore the subject ‘A HUNGRY WORLD: GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS AND FAMILY FARMING’.

What are genetically modified organisms? Who produces them? Why? What is the situation in Spain? How do GMOs harm agriculture and the environment? What are their health effects? How do they relate to self-sufficiency and food security? These are just a few of the questions that the conferences will address. The conferences will conclude with an open session in which guests can pose questions and debate the issue. They will include a screening of Basque filmmaker Maider Oleaga’s documentary Family Farming in Bolivia, which follows the lives of the residents of the municipality of Colquechaca, located in one of the poorest rural areas in Bolivia, where FISC carries out development cooperation projects with funding from the Basque Government.

The conferences will feature speaker Juan-Felipe Carrasco Alix, an agricultural engineer who specialises in the consequences of biotechnology and advocates for justice in food and agriculture.

The work of FISC and the Company of Mary Our Lady is informed by a deep commitment to education for development and development cooperation and focuses on human rights, gender equity and capacity building among individuals and communities in order to help build a society that is just, participatory and committed to defending peace and freedom.

FISC’s Education for Development Department invites you to attend the conferences and cover the event so that we might spread the word in the Basque Country about this socially relevant topic. Please contact M. Luz Sarabia, Director of FISC’s Education for Development Department, at 628 073 010 or by e-mail, epd@fisc-ongd.org, to request further information.

If you would like to get in touch with Juan-Felipe Carrasco, he can be reached at 644 038 696 or by e-mail, juanfe36@gmail.com.

The conferences will be held at 7 p.m. on 4, 5, and 6 November at the Loyola Centres in Bilbao, San Sebastián and Vitoria, respectively. (Loyola Centre in Bilbao: Arrupe Etxea Multi-Purpose Hall, 2 Lojendio Street; Loyola Centre in San Sebastían: Arrupe Hall, 19 Garibay Street; Loyola Centre in Vitoria: 1 Monseñor Estenaga Street).

Sincerely, M. Luz Sarabia Lavín (FISC).

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