On Sunday, 15 December a number of events were held in Fuente de las Batallas Square in Granada to raise awareness of and speak out against human rights abuse, with the slogan ‘OPEN YOUR EYES: DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS!’

The events, organised by a number of different organisations, including Acción en Red (Network Action), Semilla para el Cambio (Seeds for Change), Amnesty International, the Arco Iris Association, ASPA, the Human Rights Association of Andalucía and FISC, were a great success. After holding organisational meetings, preparing materials and putting a great deal of passion into the events, we were all very happy with the results and enjoyed the day immensely.

We had great weather; residents and tourists alike took advantage of the beautiful day to walk around the square and check out Christmas crafts, visit the organisations’ stands and learn about what they do—they asked lots and lots of questions!—and sign petitions in support of different campaigns. They visited the ‘human library’ as well, and learned what we were doing there and why we are fighting for human rights. They looked at the displays we had set up and were shocked by the photographs of the border between Melilla and Morocco. They danced to catchy music and took pictures in the photo booth, wearing huge glasses to help them see what’s happening around us more clearly and they simply kept us company, encouraged us and joined their own voices to ours, talking to us about what it is that we do. That means so much to us, and—if it’s even possible—makes us open our eyes even wider and fight even harder to defend our human rights!

Thank you to all for participating, for being there, because this wouldn’t be possible without you!