This year to celebrate Africa Day, celebrated on May 25, the Campaign «Africa question of life issue due» wants to make a gesture with which they have been with us, they have guided us, advised, open his eyes, but especially have touched us with his words: the Africans.

They are the ones who have managed to reach people with its simple messages from the humility of his personal experience, because that is what touches the heart. And of course complements the analysis, research and reflection we seek in our work.

A work now focuses its efforts on the African peoples to benefit from the exploitation of their natural resources; and do not fall into a minority fueling unfair, and unsustainable system unsupportive. A system that allows for some good live, others live badly.

We have prepared this video as a symbol for those who have been with us for the suffering and the impact of plunders natural resources in their countries.

Africa Video

On this day, we invite you to listen to them, and to reflect on this issue:

– In sub-Saharan Africa, 30 countries are significantly rich in natural resources.

– There is a historic opportunity for sub-Saharan Africa on a path of progress and well-being starts.

– Countries that have grown faster with hydrocarbons and minerals have ratios worse poverty reduction than those who hold such a high degree in these resources.

– Of the 900 million people living on the continent, 50% live below the poverty line

– Only Nigerian oil revenues in 2011 were 60% more than all development aid to sub-Saharan Africa received that year.