Colombia – Soldiers are illegally holding a member of the Peace Community prisoner

Another human rights violation in Colombia. We received this communiqué out of Colombia and are sharing it here in the hopes of inspiring reflection.   ‘On Saturday, 8 February 2014, at around 11.40 a.m., Wber Areiza was held prisoner for 30 minutes by troops of the XVII Brigade from the military base in San José, at […]

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SUPPORT THE PHILIPPINES Cta.No. 0182 5709 43 0201503066

TYPHOON HAIYAN (‘YOLANDA’) IN THE PHILIPPINES Cagayán de Oro, Philippines, 12 November 2013 We thank you for keeping the people of the Philippines, who have suffered so much recently, in your prayers. First Muslim rebels from Zamboanga attacked, using civilians as a human shield and burning people’s homes in three municipalities, forcing residents to flee […]

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On Sunday, 15 December a number of events were held in Fuente de las Batallas Square in Granada to raise awareness of and speak out against human rights abuse, with the slogan ‘OPEN YOUR EYES: DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS!’ The events, organised by a number of different organisations, including Acción en Red (Network Action), Semilla para […]

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Genetically modified foods

What are genetically modified organisms? Who produces them and why? What is the situation in Spain? What are the health effects of GMOs? PRESS ADVISORY ” GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS AND FAMILY FARMING FISC (Fundación Internacional de Solidaridad Compañía de María, or International Solidarity Foundation of the Company of Mary Our Lady), a development NGO, will […]

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Zero Poverty Campaign

The Reasons Behind the Campaign Poverty erodes the human rights of millions of people around the world, and the situation is being felt increasingly close to home: in Spain, Andalucía and Granada, poverty continues to grow. Granada, united against poverty Granada is home to 105,000 unemployed people and 60,000 families living in poverty. In Andalucía, […]

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The Joy of Volunteering

People say that nothing compares to the rewards of volunteering in the countries that need it most. Here Pilar Martín, a FISC volunteer, tells us about her own experience in Nueva Vida, Nicaragua. My name is Pilar Martín Casalderrey, but people call me Pilaja. I am a 62-year-old retired public school teacher and I volunteer […]

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